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  • Communities are integral to our work as a housing provider and our aims and aspirations for individuals and communities in Cheltenham.

    Paul Stephenson

  • Torus are committed to unlocking the potential that exists across communities and empowering the people who live in them. We want to ensure that the people who live in our communities have access to the best life chances and opportunities. We believe in the goal of creating #Communitiesthatwork developing communities where people can live, learn and earn.

    Dan Bamford

  • Northwards Housing, via our subsidiary 'Yes Manchester', supports tenants and residents across north Manchester into employment, training and volunteering. They also offer business start-up advice and have a small business grants scheme. They support those furthest away from employment and partner agencies support their clients with other issues such as debt, mental health and addiction all of which are additional barriers. They are now part of the newly formed North Manchester Business Network set up to encourage more businesses to employ locally, paying employees the minimum wage and reduce use of zero-hour contracts.

    Greig Lees

  • As the largest provider of social housing within the East Midlands, Nottingham City Homes (NCH) manages around 27,000 homes in some of the most disadvantaged, culturally diverse and economically challenged areas of Nottingham. In line with our vision of ‘creating homes and places where people want to live’, we are committed to helping our tenants into sustainable employment through a variety of pathways. Our Employability Strategy (the Strategy) addresses issues surrounding employment amongst our tenants and how NCH reaches out to all of its communities. In line with our corporate values, the Strategy outlines all of what NCH can offer to inspire and help our tenants and residents into work.

    Jo Miller

  • EN:Able Communities the charity arm of Efficiency North has to date supported over 200 apprentices into work, and a financially supported community based employment groups support to be 'work ready' a further 300 people . Many of these people have been far away form the labour market; many from disadvantaged backgrounds. EN:Able Communities is committed to supporting young people in particular enter the construction and built environment sector, through the development of construction training hubs.

    Simeon Perry, Head of Operations

  • We believe in building futures. One of the ways we do this is through our Building Futures national award winning jobs training and volunteering programme. We want to support the campaign as we want to shout about the work that housing associations like us do to help people into work.

    Clare Dickinson

  • Our goal is to show the true benefits of our investment into employment, training and digital inclusion services and how more can be done to close the tenant employment gap.

    Jake Barnes, Customer and Community Engagement Officer

  • Working together with our residents we achieve amazing things - last year we supported over 200 into work or better work, and next year we’ll do even more. Many others have benefited from training, careers advice and our varied employability services. It’s vital that Government see and recognise the incredible work housing associations like Sovereign are doing in this area - and for that reason, we are proud to support Communities that Work.

    Jon Fisher

  • Having delivered self-employment training and mentoring to social housing tenants for many years I have witnessed, as an external observer, the dedication of the employment support teams who are incredibly motivated to deliver positive outcomes for their residents. I feel privileged to play a small part in improving the confidence, skills and future prospects for the people I coach and mentor. It's thanks to my social housing clients that I am able to do such rewarding work, with people who would never be able to afford such specialist training and mentoring themselves. I'm delighted to be part of the Communities that Work campaign and help to spread the word about the worthwhile work that the social housing sector does to tackle unemployment.

    Michelle Daniells, Managing Director

  • Our customers’ lives have been changed with some help to get into employment. We’d love to share these through the campaign and to throw the spotlight on the amazing work that housing associations do, beyond providing homes.

    Clare Chick, Communications Officer

  • We are supporting this campaign because we believe investing and supporting young people to prosper is vital and increasing employability and skills of young people matters We believe that the sport sector needs young people from local communities to be part of a vibrant vibrant and diverse sporting workforce - no person left behind We believe in partnership working - we can make the biggest impact by working together

    Karen Keohane

  • Welfare reform and Universal Credit are having major impacts on the emotional and financial wellbeing of our residents and, through our employment support practices, we know how education, training, and job support can improve life chances within our neighbourhoods. KNH is committed to conducting robust and insightful research to understand the needs of our residents and target our employment support effectively. Working in partnership, both regionally and nationally, will be vital for more sustainable employment outcomes in our communities.

    Joey Howell

  • The housing sector has become increasingly involved with Employment and Skills. We are able to deliver exactly what the customer needs in order for them to gain sustained employment.  We are investing heavily and this needs to recognised.

    Carrie Riley

  • Berneslai Homes are pleased to support the campaign as we are passionate about tackling the negative image portrayed by the media of social housing tenants.  We are pleased contribute to tackling worklessness in Barnsley our work includes offering an excellent apprenticeship scheme, short work placements for young people and working with tenants with multiple and complex needs to offer them a range of specialist, tailored interventions to help them sustain their tenancies which sometimes include helping them gain employment and training.

    Sarah Hopwood

  • Housing organisations are close to the people who need the most help. They're ideally placed and already doing lots. Going 'above and beyond' traditional housing and it's critical that we get Inclusive Growth right. We can't leave people behind. We need to recognise their commitment and growing expertise.

    Si Welch

  • Beyond Housing are firm believers in the role housing associations plays in supporting their customers back into work. We want to demonstrate our commitment by joining the Communities that Work campaign.

    Joanne Dunn

  • Learning and Work Institute (L&W) is an independent policy and research organisation dedicated to lifelong learning, full employment and social inclusion. Residents in social housing often face barriers to participating in education and employment opportunities, but these can be overcome. Our research has shown that effective support, provided in their local communities and by professionals they know and trust, can help residents access decent and rewarding employment and progress in work. So we support the #CommunitiesThatWork campaign.

    Stephen Evans

  • Their unique role mean that many housing associations across the country  already play an important role in helping residents access appropriate employment opportunities in their local communities. Recognising this, celebrating this and encouraging them to do more by  can only be a good thing. This campaign can help bring that about.

    Jeremy Barker

  • The Forward Trust supports investment into vocational training, skills development, apprenticeships and employability provision for tenants and residents within social housing.

    Asi Panditharatna

  • Here at Six Town Housing we actively work to support people living on council estates across Bury into employment through our successful Steps to Success programme. Through our 'We Benefit Bury' Campaign we are striving to do our bit to tackle the negative 'stereotyping' of people living in Social Housing which we see a form of discrimination that needs to be eliminated. We do this on behalf of not only our tenants but also those members of our staff who are also social housing tenants and are impacted by this.

    Sharon McCambridge

  • YHN runs several projects designed to help its customers into work, including hosting jobs fairs with local employers and employing customers to work as apprentices and on other paid work placements within our organisation. We always find our customers to be enthusiastic about getting into work and, through our own experience, have recruited many fantastic employees from our customer base, lots of whom continue to work for us now. Our customer employees are a very valuable asset, helping to advise how well our services meet customer needs and expectations and providing invaluable insights into service improvement. We are proud to support Communities that Work and look forward to our welcoming many more customers into the world of work in future.

    Stuart Clarke

  • I manage the employability service within bdht and we've just taken our two BBO job coaches in house and are launching our new service to tenants in January

    Ashlea Green

  • Through our World of Work Academy we actively help our tenants and their families into work locally. We know that access to work can help transform lives and that is why we work with partners locally, including the local college, to help give people the opportunities they need.

    Kerron Cross

  • HACT and the Centre for Excellence in Community Investment are delighted to support Communities that Work's Communities that Work Campaign. Social housing organisations across the UK are major investors in their communities, working alongside tenants to deliver impact in the things that matter most. Jobs, training and skills is a key part of that and their employment related support helps thousands of people everyday. Focusing not just on skills, but on the wider barriers to work, housing providers are making a difference and playing their part in supporting people, their families and their neighbourhoods.

    Andrew van Doorn

  • It's valuable and timely!

    Richard Freeman

  • Wolverhampton Homes have shown a real commitment to supporting tenants, leaseholders and their family members with skills and employment initiatives since 2012. In 2012 the organisation launched their national award winning LEAP programme which has subsequently supported thousands of tenants into employment and training. In the last 2 years the initiatives have supported over 245 tenants into sustainable employment. We recognise the impact this support can have on individuals, families and communities and it is a fundamental part of our business plan. We recognise that this work can not be done in isolation and a strengthened partnership with other housing providers can lead to more influence and resources to narrow the tenant employment gap. Therefore this project gets our full support and we are looking forward to working in partnership with other organisations.

    Oliver Herrmann, People and Community Manager

  • The National Federation of ALMOs (NFA) is the membership body for council housing companies. Our members have been routinely helping their residents improve their employability for many years. Many NFA members see tenant welfare and improving life chances as an essential part of what a locally-owned housing service should offer. But we fail to get the recognition we deserve. This is why we need to shout much louder about the value, both social and financial, that these initiatives bring to their communities, towns and cities. Our members have cast-iron evidence about what works, and we are now putting that evidence behind the Communities that Work campaign.

    Chloe Fletcher, Policy Director, NFA

  • In inspiring people to build better communities, we are committed to improving the life chances of our tenants and residents living in Blackpool and are proud to be able to pledge our support to a campaign that highlights the work social housing providers like ourselves are doing in helping people to find employment.

    Caroline Lamprey

  • We are about more than just brick and mortar. We are committed to improving the life chances of our residents and helping them access employment and training wherever possible.

    Kimberley Rowley

The following organisations have pledged their support for the Communities that Work project:

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