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Support for our members during the coronavirus crisis

We recognise that keeping residents and staff safe and well during the Covid-19 outbreak is our members’ highest priority. That’s why we are stepping up our online communications, collaborating with other organisations, offering new resources and ways to connect members and prioritising this issue in our political influencing work.

This is a fast-changing situation, so we anticipate that how we support you will evolve and change. Communities that Work continues to:

  1. Convene a cross-sector response to the crisis, the Housing and Employment Taskforce to combine resources and expertise and link directly into DWP.
  2. Share our member and sector news fortnightly, sent to all subscribers.
  3. Update you on the latest headlines with a regular Roundup of news for all members.
  4. Stay connected with our regular events  on key topics.
  5. Collaborate with colleagues to share information and resources, and drive this partnership agenda.This includes information, guidance and support to the sector from our partners.
  6. Offer access to expertise and initial advice on crisis communications and operational issues, working with our colleagues at BECG.
  7. Raise your concerns and champion the sector’s work with decision makers.

Where we can, we think it is right to highlight the good news – work where our members and partners are responding quickly, creatively and effectively to this crisis; where challenges and opportunities are seen and met for our communities.

Tell us what you think is important.