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This year's first Member Day is taking place on 7 February 2020, kindly hosted by Community Gateway at their Preston offices. If you are a Communities that Work member, please sign up for this free event by 31 January. Above all, this is a chance to connect with colleagues from across the housing...

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Industrial Dwelling Society Joins Communities that Work

Communities that Work (Communities that Work) are delighted to welcome the Industrial Dwelling Society (IDS) to our membership. IDS owns and manages around 1,500 homes across London and Essex. Since its initial establishment in 1885, it has helped London’s diverse communities with their housin...

Alprazolam Online Purchase In India

Six Town Housing Join Communities that Work

Communities that Work are delighted to introduce a new member, Six Town Housing. Six Town Housing is an Arms-length Management Organisation (ALMO) that manages and owns around 8,000 homes in the Bury area. Six Town Housing don’t just deliver much-needed affordable homes but also provide ten...

Xanax Bars Cheap Online

50 members strong: Peabody joins the membership body for employment and housing

One of London’s oldest and largest housing associations, Peabody, has joined Communities that Work (Communities that Work), pushing membership numbers for the national body to 50. Peabody owns and manages more than 55,000 homes across London and the South East, housing over 111,000 residents. ...

Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale

Stockport Homes joins Communities that Work

We are very pleased to announce Stockport Homes as one of our newest members. Robin Burman, Chair of the Board, Stockport Homes said: “We are really pleased to be joining Communities that Work at the start of a new year.  Whilst Stockport is a relatively affluent borough, we manage properties wi...

Buy Xanax Cod Delivery

Communities that Work welcomes new member, Acis Group

Communities that Work is delighted to welcome our next new member. Acis is the latest social housing provider to join Communities that Work. Based in Lincolnshire, they provide much-needed affordable homes across Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Acis provide...

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