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The national body for social landlords aiming to transform lives for good by supporting people into rewarding, sustainable employment.

Our membership brings:

Influence & Insight

We have an open and ongoing dialogue with the government on the relationship between housing providers and employment and skills services.  We have a network of contacts across the housing, employment and political arena and use this to leverage support for Communities that Work members.

Access & Partnerships

Communities that Work helps support the employment support objectives of our housing organisations. We can help to broker practical partnerships that can lead to contracted delivery, to support your employment and skills programmes. 

Networks & Knowledge

Join Communities that Work members on webinars, members’ conferences, sector events and roundtable discussions, to hear about latest developments in the sector as well as to help influence and develop best practice.

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Communities that Work Update, 12 August 2022

Vote Blue, go Green. Remember that promise? First used heavily by David Cameron, then refreshed by the current PM in the Conservative 2019 manifesto, the pledge to support ‘green’ policies with a Tory vote will be tested once again during the summer hustings for the new leader. 

The next PM has a duty to deliver on the 2019 manifesto until the next General Election is called, so there is likely another two years of wrestling with divergent pressures: the cost of living, energy bills, energy profits and the fate of green taxes currently costed into our utility bills. The two candidates have some differences for sure, but neither is taking a bold stance on net zero, decarbonisation, our homes and energy, our workforce and skills – and neither is close to doing enough, so we’ve dedicated some Autumn events to the role of housing in creating Good Green Jobs.

Communities that Work Update, 29 July 2022

Summer is here, and if you’re missing PMQs, you’ll be delighted that the race to be the next Prime Minister involves several hurdles, with TV debates plus 12 regional and online hustings events taking place throughout August. Pity the next Prime Minister? Maybe, there’s a heap of exceptionally complicated and precipitous issues to face. No PM holds all the levers to sort them out and may get booted out at the next General Election (bets still on for May 24).

Communities that Work Update, 15 July 2022
Meeting Ministers in July 2022
After a ‘brisk fortnight’ in politics, Communities that Work and a selection of our members were delighted to meet Minister David Rutley MP, in person at Caxton House, earlier this week.  The meeting builds on a virtual Roundtable held in March as provided a valuable chance to take stock, work on proper partnership working and look to DWP’s future commissioning plans. 
Communities that Work Update, 1 July 2022

Time is fast running out for initial plans on UKSPF to reach DLUHC. Local Investment Plan (LIP) proformas are required by DLUHC from each UKSPF lead authority by 1st August. In reality, many lead authorities are submitting early and getting sign-off from their leaders now, to hit the deadline.

Communities that Work Update, 17 June 2022

It’s been a busy time for social housing news and legislation. Five years after the Grenfell Tower fire and two weeks since Prince Charles’ delivery of the Queen’s Speech, the Social Housing (Regulation) Bill came to the new Parliament. The Bill was presented to the House of Lords by Lord Greenhalgh, and the Second Reading is scheduled for 27th June.

Communities that Work Update, 20 May 2022

Communities that Work welcomes new member: BME London Landlords

We’re delighted to announce that BME London Landlords has joined Communities that Work. BME London Landlords (14) members collaborate to optimise impact, improving and advocating for better services provided to their residents and wider BME communities.

BME London Landlords is also one of the key names behind the Social Housing Anti-Racism Pledge (SHARP). Developed in partnership with BME National and The Housing Diversity Network, the SHARP initiative calls on all registered social landlords to adopt an anti-racist stance by adopting a clear policy that states their organisation is anti-racist.

Communities that Work Update, 6 May 2022

Go the distance on UKSPF:

UKSPF Investment Plans are now in the drafting process. Whilst lead authorities don’t have too long to draft these (deadline 1st August) and need to ‘go fast’, they also need to create credible three-year plans and show partnerships to unlock their funding, to prove they can ‘go far’. It’s these dual priorities that UKSPF leads are dealing with, and the social housing sector must quickly stake a claim to be named in local investment plans.

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