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Jon Lord, Chair of Greater Manchester Housing Providers signed a pledge yesterday (03.04.2019), signing up to the national ‘Communities that Work’ campaign. In signing the pledge, GMHP members have committed to helping more people into work through the providers’ established support, skills...

Buying Xanax Online Bluelight

Standing Out from the Comms Crowd

Looking for Communities that Work communications inspiration? Want to stand out from the crowd? Then our next webinar is for you! Our own comms expert, Jennifer Riddell-Carpenter, will be leading a special webinar focussing on best communications and engagement practices relating to the CtW cam...

Alprazolam Powder Online

Kate Henderson announced as a judge for our social media competition

We are very pleased to announce Kate Henderson as a judge for our Communities that Work social media competition. Kate is Chief Executive of the National Housing Federation (NHF), the voice of housing associations in England. NHF members provide 2.7 million homes for nearly six million peop...

Xanax Generic Online

New social media competition judges announced

We are very happy to announce that Rachael Orr and Jenny Osbourne have been confirmed as judges for our nationwide Communities that Work social media competition. The competition looks for stories of how social housing tenants have been helped into work, or progressed in work, with support from t...

Alprazolam Cheap

Stockport Homes joins Communities that Work

We are very pleased to announce Stockport Homes as one of our newest members. Robin Burman, Chair of the Board, Stockport Homes said: “We are really pleased to be joining Communities that Work at the start of a new year.  Whilst Stockport is a relatively affluent borough, we manage properties wi...

Buy Xanax Brand Name

Introducing the first judges for our social media competition

We are pleased to confirm Mark Lawrence and Chloe Fletcher as the first two judges for our Communities that Work social media competition. Chloe is policy director of the National Federation of ALMOs (NFA). She has worked in the social housing sector for over 20 years, starting in housing managem...

Buy Gador Xanax

Member Day, Friday 1st February

We are delighted to welcome all Communities that Work Members to our next member day.  The Member Day takes place on Friday 1st February, 10am - 3pm and is kindly hosted by Communities that Work Member, Plus Dane, at their Rodney Street offices, Liverpool, L1 9EF.  Full Joining Information and ...

Liquid Alprazolam Online

NFA Pledges Support to Communities that Work’s Communities that Work Campaign

Efforts to win recognition for housing management teams that help tenants into work are boosted today [Tues 8 January] by fresh support from the NFA, the body that represents 31 council house companies across England. The Communities that Work campaign, which is being led by Communities that Work...

Buy Discount Xanax