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[caption id="attachment_7198" align="alignright" width="231"] Picture by Gareth Jones[/caption] Communities that Work, the national membership body for social landlords who are rising to challenge of helping people into work, has announced Kate Shone as its new chair. Kate is currently managin...

Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

Communities that Work campaign nominated for three awards

We are delighted to announce that our Communities that Work campaign has been shortlisted for three separate awards. At the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) Global Awards 2019, we are shortlisted for the Public Affairs Award and the Not-for-Profit Award. At the Public ...

Alprazolam Online Purchase In India

Southern Housing Group’s resident shortlisted for Young Builder of the Year

Congratulations to Dylan Regan for being shortlisted for the 2019 Young Builder of the Year Awards – the celebration took place on 16 October at the House of Commons. The Southern Housing Group (SHG) resident was part of the housing association’s employment scheme, Southern Works which provid...

Xanax Bars Cheap Online

Give us a Chance becomes Communities that Work

Today (17 September 2019), national membership body Give us a Chance (GUAC) has officially rebranded as Communities that Work, in a move to reflect its evolution and growth. Over the past year, the social housing membership body has grown in influence and size – leading the sector and championi...

Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale

We are hiring!

We’re looking for a Communications and Membership Manager. This is a great opportunity to join the team of an influential national membership body with an excellent track record that continues to grow in ambition, reach and influence.  The Communications and Membership Manager will lead on eng...

Buy Xanax Cod Delivery

UK Shared Prosperity Fund – a letter to the Prime Minister

Last month, Communities that Work joined a group of organisations from the housing and employment support industries and signed a letter to the new Prime Minister, urging him to clarify the plans for the proposed UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). Leaders from 100 charities and businesses were le...

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