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The Apprenticeship Levy – what it means for Communities that Work members now


Join our Levy expert Paul Warner from the AELP for this bang up to date session on how the Levy works for employers, what we need to do, and how we can make the most of the Levy, whether paying it or not.


  • Paul Warner
    Paul Warner is Director of Policy and Strategy at the Association of Employment And Learning Providers. Having been a specialist recruitment consultant to the defence industry for six years, Paul started in the post-16 sector in 1993 on Training for Work contracts for TBG Learning.
  • Francis Sealey
    Francis Sealey is Founder, GlobalNet21, a former producer at the BBC for The Open University, Francis has extensive experience of engaging with local communities. GlobalNet21 was set up to engage diverse audiences of citizens and communities in discussing the big issues of the 21st century.