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‘Progress and Change’ – for our clients, and in our business


The use of ‘BRIEF solution focused approaches’ with our customers, in challenging times. Join us for this content rich, expert led session and rejuvenate your strategies for change in 2018!

The Solution Focused approach was developed in America in the 1980s by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. After spending many years studying ‘problem behaviour’ amongst clients and trying to change it, they switched to studying ‘solution behaviour’ and how to promote it.
So how does this work in the UK social housing context, to support our tenants into work?

We’ll hear from expert practitioner, Emily Morris with an overview of the philosophy, approach and context of BRIEF solution focused practice in housing and employment services.

Then we’ll hear from Heidi Leyshon and Gez Bentley on the practical application of solution focused practice in a housing association; why Sovereign chose it, what they wanted to achieve and how this is working every day.


  • Emily Morris
    Emily Morris is a skilled occupational psychologist, trainer and coach. She has over 20 years of experience of successfully supporting individuals with long term health needs and disabilities progress and achieve their goals. She spent 13 years at Jobcentre Plus and now works with a wide range of clients from different sectors, applying a range of different techniques.
    07970 494874
  • Heidi Leyshon
    Heidi has worked in the Housing Sector for 10 years. She’s worked in a number of areas including housing management and resident involvement before moving into community investment roles. Heidi set up Sovereign’s employment service 4 years ago. Currently she manages the employment portfolio and manages community officers who together with the employment officers focus on increasing attainment and employment in priority communities.
  • Gez Bentley
    Gez Bentley has worked in Employment related services for 13 years – working in the Welfare to Work and Housing sectors. Gez has always had a passion for coaching people to reach their potential. During his time in this field he’s searched for a tool which helps him to really get a return on his coaching investment for his customers. Solution Focused is the tool he’s been looking for – it’s helped him to better self-care and get results for customers through creating self-efficacy.