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The Community Housing Group has been named West Midlands Best Large Employer for Apprenticeships 2013 and will now progress to the next round, with the UK finals taking place in November 2013. Karen Lowry – Hall (KLH) was also recognised by winning the regions Apprenticeship Champion award. Kar...

Buy Cheapest Xanax Online

Pair given a chance – Recruits developed by Magenta step out into world of work

MAGENTA Living has just said goodbye to its first two Give Us A Chance recruits after six months of paid work experience to prepare them for the world of employment. Magenta Living is a member of the Communities that Work consortium which has 25 members across the whole of Eng-land. The group cam...

Alprazolam Online Purchase In India

Communities that Work to meet new Employment Minster

Esther McVey MP the new Minister for Employment speaking to Communities that Work members at our House of Commons event earlier this year. Communities that Work to meet new Employment Minster - Kate Shone, Chair of Communities that Work has welcomed Esther McVey to her new job and is looking forw...

Xanax Bars Cheap Online

Evaluation report of the temporary jobs pilot: Proving Talent

Kate Shone -Chair of Communities that Work meeting with Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP - Shadow Minister for Employment and Dave Simmonds Chief Executive of Centre for Economic and Social Inclusion to discuss the Communities that Work commissioned the evaluation report....

Cheap Xanax Bars For Sale

Communities that Work gets backing from Employment Minster at The House of Commons Event

A group of 26 Housing Associations owning over 350,000 properties between them and working in various economic environments across the country produced their independent evaluation of their ‘Providing Talent’ scheme. This scheme offered paid job placements within their organisations to upport 18...

Buy Xanax Cod Delivery

Communities that Work – The Movie!

Check out the film our Proving Talent Employees have created! Just click the link below to watch!...

Buying Xanax Online Bluelight