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All-Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Social Mobility 

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Housing and Social Mobility (APPG) was founded in 2020 to champion social housing providers that support tenants and residents to secure sustainable livelihoods.

Housing associations play a vital role in building communities that work.  Yet their investment – over £70m in employment support – and the value this creates – is not fully recognised. The Group brings together MPs and Peers from across all political parties to better understand these issues and is co-chaired by Peter Aldous MP and Liz Twist MP.

Inquiry into Housing and Employment

The APPG on Housing and Social Mobility is now leading a national Inquiry aimed at tackling the employment and earnings gap in social housing. Launched in March 2020, this will run to September 2020.  It will bring together insights from sector experts and social housing residents, by gathering written evidence and then oral evidence from face-to-face sessions in parliament.

The Inquiry will also host workshops around the country aiming to draw out evidence and testimonies from residents, experts and stakeholders from the South West, East, Midlands and North of England.  The final report will be launched at a reception in Westminster in October 2020.

The APPG Inquiry is supported by Communities that Work and PlaceShapers; Communities that Work are the registered Parliamentary secretariat, with additional support from the housing sector GEM programme. Our research partner is the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE).

Call for evidence:

The Inquiry is seeking submissions from organisations, communities and individuals who can contribute insights to the following questions:

  1. What is the relationship between social housing and employment?  
  2. Why are social housing tenants more likely to be in lower paid and unstable employment than people living in other tenures? 
  3. How can the social housing sector be the catalyst for closing the social housing employment and earnings gap? 
  4. What can Government do to support the social housing sector and tenants, and to reduce the social housing employment and earnings gap?
  5. Cross cutting the above four questions, we want to hear about how the voice of residents’ lived experience was heard and was engaged with. What lessons can we learn for future employment innovation that will embed tenants and engage with them fully and effectively?

This nationwide Inquiry marks an important milestone in the social housing sector’s efforts to tackle the employment and earnings gap that exists between social housing and other tenures.

We want to hear from a variety of organisations – members, housing providers, local authorities, skills and enterprise specialists, education and training agencies and businesses – who each have a wealth of knowledge and experience to contribute.

Get involved

The Inquiry is open until May 29 2020 for written evidence from all interested parties.

To submit written evidence, please first read the attached documents which will help inform your submission:

Please email your written responses (no more than 6 sides of A4) by May 29 2020 to

Keep in touch

Please share this information with colleagues who may be interested in participating. You can also follow the conversation on social media using hashtags #APPG #HousingWork .

To join the distribution list and be updated on the Inquiry’s progress, email